chicago deep dish adventure: stop #2.


Pizano’s was another stop on my list.  The fact that it juts happened to be about a block and a half from my hotel made it a MUST-do.  While there was still a monsoon occurring outside as I relaxed in my room, I decided to go to the market across the street to snag a couple bottles of wine and some cheese, crackers and chocolate.  Mm hmm.  That’s a solid vacation in my opinion:  your own deluxe king size bed, a big fancy flat screen, and all the wine you can drink without worrying about any kind of responsibilities.  Holla!

Well, this was around 7:00.  After almost an entire bottle and about a half a block of cheese, I had decided that I had enough of the solo TV time in bed and I needed to get back out there.  Downpour or not, I was determined to continue my deep dish adventure.  Obviously, Pizano’s was the best option because of its super convenient location.

I took the elevator down twelve floors, snagged an umbrella courtesy of the hotel, and cautiously walked through the revolving door out into the storm.  I dashed down the street, through countless puddles, and finally arrived at my second pizza destination.  Hooray!

Goose Island 312.

Upon sitting myself onto a bar seat and briefly scanning the draft options, I was a little let down by the beers they had on tap.  I opted for a Goose Island 312, as it was literally the only local beer they had on tap.  (I’m such an IPA / Porter / Stout girl, typically speaking).  The bartender was an older gentleman, and was also VERY accomodating.  I was literally the only person in the joint, but he didn’t once act annoyed that I was there.  (They are open past midnight – baller!)

I ordered spinach dip (his recommendation of the two apps I asked about), and an individual sausage pizza.  I had read on Yelp! that the sausage pizza at Pizano’s was pretty tasty, so I was excited about it.


Got the spinach dip, pretty good.  Pretty spinach-y.  I liked it.  Got the pizza … they forgot my sausage 😦 but I didn’t realize this until the next morning (of course I had to take some leftovers home with me).  But overall, the pizza was still mighty tasty.  Flaky, buttery crust, prominent tomato flavor, and the cheese was awesome.  I sprinkled a little parm and crushed red pepper on top for some extra flav-ah!

To be COMPLETELY honest, I don’t really have a favorite between Lou’s and Pizano’s in terms of pizza flavor.  Unfortunately, I believe I’d like Pizano’s better had I gotten the sausage on the pizza.  The service, however, was tremendously different.

The bartender even bought my second beer and suggested I come visit him again the following night.  Talk about a turn-around from my devastating service that morning!  I should have gone … oh well.  Next time!  I’ll be back for that sausage pizza!


i’m ridin’ solo…on vacation!

VACATION! WOO HOO!  SOLO VACATION! …what?  That’s right, I’m ridin’ (actually flyin’) solo to one of my favorite U.S. cities this Sunday…

ooh la la.


Why am I going alone?

Because I am an independent human being that is capable of enjoying “me” time in a different city.

Trust me, I LOVE my boyfriend, and I would LOVE for him to join me on this adventure … but his current situation, (he cares for his elderly father on a 24/7 basis), does not allow him to go on vacation with me.  Not in the last year and a half … and not right now.

So, being the stubborn individual that I am, I decided to book a solo vacation.  And I.  Could.  Not.  Be.  More.  Excited.

I’ve got the following in mind, and PLEASE let me know if there is anything else I should add to my list:

  • Giordano’s (I’ve been here three times before, and I love it)
  • Yolk (for breakfast)
  • Al’s Italian Beef
  • Hot Doug’s
  • Billy Goat Tavern
  • Morton’s (The O-riginal)
  • Spacca Napoli
  • The Purple Pig
  • Haymarket Brewery
  • Revolution Brewery
  • Goose Island (I’ve also been here a few times)
  • The Art Institute
  • Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • the Newberry Library
  • Symphony Center
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Chicago Cultural Center

Fat and happy is really what I’m going for …

mm hmm….

…and I’m also staying in a GORGEOUS hotel in the Golden Coast neighborhood that is 4.5 starts.  A king deluxe room all to myself?  Oh, you’re too kind.

I feel that an awesome adventure lies ahead, and I cannot wait to start.  I’ve also experienced some dramatic career changes within the last couple of weeks, so I definitely feel that this is the ideal time to get away and clear my head.

If you’re ever wondering whether or not you should just take a weekend to yourself to get away, then why don’t you just do it?  It may be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.  I’m looking forward to sharing my first solo vacation with everyone!

Much love,