what i’m loving: june 29 – july 5

  1. this resource : 15 day blog makeover challenge. | i have been a part of this challenge since the beginning, and i highly recommend it if you are having any trouble building your blog!
  2. this picture of my cats : scroll to bottom | because we just moved them to a new city, and they did surprisingly well during the eight hour drive.  and this picture is one of our favorites.  🙂 
  3. this beer / cocktail : pop-up i.p.a. from boulevard brewing co. | because it is low and alcohol and full of flavor.  it’s a great beer to have around for the holiday weekend!
  4. this appetizer – grilled blue cheese & bacon stuffed onion. | stuffed peppers, yes.  stuffed bread, yes.  stuffed onion?! how can i possibly turn down something so original?  also, if you haven’t tried onion, bacon and blue cheese combined together,  I feel that you need to restructure your priorities.
  5. this restaurant –  stanley’s kitchen & tap. | if you are ever in chicago, specifically lincoln park, and you want a dive-y, laid back, fantastic bar at which you may catch a glimpse of the occasional celebrity – this is it.  the real reason I love this place?  southern chopped chicken salad with buffalo chicken.  this could be my meal for EVERY meal.  every.  single.  one.
  6. this recipe – stuffed french bread. | i’ve been eyeing this one for a while … I absolutely can’t wait to try it, and I think it will be a perfect one to attempt in my make-shift kitchen until we are completely moved in!
  7. this dessert – strawberry lemonade bars. | these just seems so … ‘merican.

chloe and lily.


what i’m loving : june 22 – june 28, 2015

this list is created based solely upon the opinions of a flavor journal.  check out my recipe blog and stay a while!

  1. this resource : cookie + kate’s essential resources for food bloggers. | this link is seriously so helpful for me.  it gives great advice and suggests specific items / apps to use for food blogging!
  2. this picture of my cats : scroll to bottom | Lily is the gray one, Chloe is the white one.  they are so sweet … when they’re sleeping
  3. this beer / cocktail : 3 floyd’s : space station middle finger.| if you’re serious about your beer, then you need to get into indiana asap to visit 3 floyd’s.  people lose their shit for these beers, and space station middle finger is one of my favorites.
  4. this appetizer – ahi tuna tartare. / (or this version – way easier and surely just as good). | because i could live on tartare.  steak, salmon, tuna.  i love alllllll of the tartare.
  5. this restaurant –  gilt bar. | i love, love, love this restaurant in chicago.  it’s sexy, sophisticated, well-priced for downtown and absolutely delicious.  if you’re ever in town, i highly recommend  you check it out.  if you’re feeling REALLY classy, look into getting into the library downstairs…
  6. this recipethis orecchiette pasta dish. | because it reminds me of one I’ve had at gilt bar.  I’ve tried to recreate it, but can’t get it quite right … looks like I’ve got another dish to tackle next month!
  7. this dessert these HUGE cookies. | could these seriously look any more delicious?!

lily and chloe.