chicago adventure series : about.

Mark and I have lived in Chicago for over a year now, and we have struggled to adjust and really dive into the culture.  We live within five minutes walking distance to Restaurant Row, and ten minutes walking distance to River North and The Loop.  This shouldn’t be hard for us to appreciate, but somehow we have just not made it our “home”.

Mark’s hotel recently sold, and he is going to be relocated soon to wherever they have an opening.  This could mean ANYWHERE in the country (or out of the country).  After some serious thinking, I realized one thing:  I LOVED Chicago prior to moving here, but I have yet to enjoy it since.  I need to set aside any grudges I have towards overpriced products, food and drink, and I really just need to get back to enjoying my surroundings.  I live in a seriously amazing location, and it’s now or never if I want to enjoy it for a few more weeks before moving.

Thus, I am creating the chicago adventure series.  I am planning four separate days of hitting my favorite spots in the city, and exploring some new digs, too.  Hop aboard the fun train, my friends.  Let’s get this rolling.


i’m excited for pizza today.

Guess what I did last night?  I went for a RUN.  A RUN!  In high school, I could have told you this every single day of my existence.  I swam, I danced, I volleyball-ed, I ran.  I ran a LOT.  But guess what happened when I left high school?

I went to college.  I discovered booze.  I LIKED booze, and I continue to like booze to this day.  But guess what else?  I turned 26 this year, and I started dating a guy that lives a stressful lifestyle and eats a lot of fast food.  Of COURSE I like fast food – it’s quick, easy, and full of all of the shit your body will never need.  Delicious!

So, I gained about 28 pounds.  I feel pretty effing awesome about it, ya know?

No I don’t.  That’s a lie.  I feel great when I’m laying underneath the depths of my sheets and comforter, but once I get up and look in the mirror … a 180 degree change in opinion occurs.

This is how I feel. Thank God I found a park where no one can secretly judge me running by …


So I’m laying in bed, watching more Lifetime forbidden love movies, and I decide “this sucks.  I’m sad, I’m frustrated, and discouraged in a lot of aspects of my life (is that depression?  Nah… and I’ll hit on more of that later)”  So I make the conscious decision to get my jiggly ass out of bed and do something that I clearly used to love:  I ran.

Ok, I walked … but briskly … and I even threw in a couple sprint-like dashes amid the brisk walking.  I burned 241 calories, went 1.7 miles, and it took me under 30 minutes (thank God for my iPhone and all of its technologically-awesome glory).

Yes-suh!  That rocked!  And I ate spinach, cottage cheese, and deli turkey for dinner!  What.  A.  Day.  Although it ended with a handful of popcorn and a Lefthand Milk Stout, I still feel pretty damn good about it.  AND I’m super excited to do the same thing tonight! …after I go get my local pizza lovin’ time on with my two business partners, of course. 🙂