what i’m loving: june 29 – july 5

  1. this resource : 15 day blog makeover challenge. | i have been a part of this challenge since the beginning, and i highly recommend it if you are having any trouble building your blog!
  2. this picture of my cats : scroll to bottom | because we just moved them to a new city, and they did surprisingly well during the eight hour drive.  and this picture is one of our favorites.  🙂 
  3. this beer / cocktail : pop-up i.p.a. from boulevard brewing co. | because it is low and alcohol and full of flavor.  it’s a great beer to have around for the holiday weekend!
  4. this appetizer – grilled blue cheese & bacon stuffed onion. | stuffed peppers, yes.  stuffed bread, yes.  stuffed onion?! how can i possibly turn down something so original?  also, if you haven’t tried onion, bacon and blue cheese combined together,  I feel that you need to restructure your priorities.
  5. this restaurant –  stanley’s kitchen & tap. | if you are ever in chicago, specifically lincoln park, and you want a dive-y, laid back, fantastic bar at which you may catch a glimpse of the occasional celebrity – this is it.  the real reason I love this place?  southern chopped chicken salad with buffalo chicken.  this could be my meal for EVERY meal.  every.  single.  one.
  6. this recipe – stuffed french bread. | i’ve been eyeing this one for a while … I absolutely can’t wait to try it, and I think it will be a perfect one to attempt in my make-shift kitchen until we are completely moved in!
  7. this dessert – strawberry lemonade bars. | these just seems so … ‘merican.

chloe and lily.


what i’m loving : june 22 – june 28, 2015

this list is created based solely upon the opinions of a flavor journal.  check out my recipe blog and stay a while!

  1. this resource : cookie + kate’s essential resources for food bloggers. | this link is seriously so helpful for me.  it gives great advice and suggests specific items / apps to use for food blogging!
  2. this picture of my cats : scroll to bottom | Lily is the gray one, Chloe is the white one.  they are so sweet … when they’re sleeping
  3. this beer / cocktail : 3 floyd’s : space station middle finger.| if you’re serious about your beer, then you need to get into indiana asap to visit 3 floyd’s.  people lose their shit for these beers, and space station middle finger is one of my favorites.
  4. this appetizer – ahi tuna tartare. / (or this version – way easier and surely just as good). | because i could live on tartare.  steak, salmon, tuna.  i love alllllll of the tartare.
  5. this restaurant –  gilt bar. | i love, love, love this restaurant in chicago.  it’s sexy, sophisticated, well-priced for downtown and absolutely delicious.  if you’re ever in town, i highly recommend  you check it out.  if you’re feeling REALLY classy, look into getting into the library downstairs…
  6. this recipethis orecchiette pasta dish. | because it reminds me of one I’ve had at gilt bar.  I’ve tried to recreate it, but can’t get it quite right … looks like I’ve got another dish to tackle next month!
  7. this dessert these HUGE cookies. | could these seriously look any more delicious?!

lily and chloe.

chicago adventure series : about.

Mark and I have lived in Chicago for over a year now, and we have struggled to adjust and really dive into the culture.  We live within five minutes walking distance to Restaurant Row, and ten minutes walking distance to River North and The Loop.  This shouldn’t be hard for us to appreciate, but somehow we have just not made it our “home”.

Mark’s hotel recently sold, and he is going to be relocated soon to wherever they have an opening.  This could mean ANYWHERE in the country (or out of the country).  After some serious thinking, I realized one thing:  I LOVED Chicago prior to moving here, but I have yet to enjoy it since.  I need to set aside any grudges I have towards overpriced products, food and drink, and I really just need to get back to enjoying my surroundings.  I live in a seriously amazing location, and it’s now or never if I want to enjoy it for a few more weeks before moving.

Thus, I am creating the chicago adventure series.  I am planning four separate days of hitting my favorite spots in the city, and exploring some new digs, too.  Hop aboard the fun train, my friends.  Let’s get this rolling.