chicago deep dish adventure: stop #2.


Pizano’s was another stop on my list.  The fact that it juts happened to be about a block and a half from my hotel made it a MUST-do.  While there was still a monsoon occurring outside as I relaxed in my room, I decided to go to the market across the street to snag a couple bottles of wine and some cheese, crackers and chocolate.  Mm hmm.  That’s a solid vacation in my opinion:  your own deluxe king size bed, a big fancy flat screen, and all the wine you can drink without worrying about any kind of responsibilities.  Holla!

Well, this was around 7:00.  After almost an entire bottle and about a half a block of cheese, I had decided that I had enough of the solo TV time in bed and I needed to get back out there.  Downpour or not, I was determined to continue my deep dish adventure.  Obviously, Pizano’s was the best option because of its super convenient location.

I took the elevator down twelve floors, snagged an umbrella courtesy of the hotel, and cautiously walked through the revolving door out into the storm.  I dashed down the street, through countless puddles, and finally arrived at my second pizza destination.  Hooray!

Goose Island 312.

Upon sitting myself onto a bar seat and briefly scanning the draft options, I was a little let down by the beers they had on tap.  I opted for a Goose Island 312, as it was literally the only local beer they had on tap.  (I’m such an IPA / Porter / Stout girl, typically speaking).  The bartender was an older gentleman, and was also VERY accomodating.  I was literally the only person in the joint, but he didn’t once act annoyed that I was there.  (They are open past midnight – baller!)

I ordered spinach dip (his recommendation of the two apps I asked about), and an individual sausage pizza.  I had read on Yelp! that the sausage pizza at Pizano’s was pretty tasty, so I was excited about it.


Got the spinach dip, pretty good.  Pretty spinach-y.  I liked it.  Got the pizza … they forgot my sausage 😦 but I didn’t realize this until the next morning (of course I had to take some leftovers home with me).  But overall, the pizza was still mighty tasty.  Flaky, buttery crust, prominent tomato flavor, and the cheese was awesome.  I sprinkled a little parm and crushed red pepper on top for some extra flav-ah!

To be COMPLETELY honest, I don’t really have a favorite between Lou’s and Pizano’s in terms of pizza flavor.  Unfortunately, I believe I’d like Pizano’s better had I gotten the sausage on the pizza.  The service, however, was tremendously different.

The bartender even bought my second beer and suggested I come visit him again the following night.  Talk about a turn-around from my devastating service that morning!  I should have gone … oh well.  Next time!  I’ll be back for that sausage pizza!


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