i’m excited for pizza today.

Guess what I did last night?  I went for a RUN.  A RUN!  In high school, I could have told you this every single day of my existence.  I swam, I danced, I volleyball-ed, I ran.  I ran a LOT.  But guess what happened when I left high school?

I went to college.  I discovered booze.  I LIKED booze, and I continue to like booze to this day.  But guess what else?  I turned 26 this year, and I started dating a guy that lives a stressful lifestyle and eats a lot of fast food.  Of COURSE I like fast food – it’s quick, easy, and full of all of the shit your body will never need.  Delicious!

So, I gained about 28 pounds.  I feel pretty effing awesome about it, ya know?

No I don’t.  That’s a lie.  I feel great when I’m laying underneath the depths of my sheets and comforter, but once I get up and look in the mirror … a 180 degree change in opinion occurs.

This is how I feel. Thank God I found a park where no one can secretly judge me running by …


So I’m laying in bed, watching more Lifetime forbidden love movies, and I decide “this sucks.  I’m sad, I’m frustrated, and discouraged in a lot of aspects of my life (is that depression?  Nah… and I’ll hit on more of that later)”  So I make the conscious decision to get my jiggly ass out of bed and do something that I clearly used to love:  I ran.

Ok, I walked … but briskly … and I even threw in a couple sprint-like dashes amid the brisk walking.  I burned 241 calories, went 1.7 miles, and it took me under 30 minutes (thank God for my iPhone and all of its technologically-awesome glory).

Yes-suh!  That rocked!  And I ate spinach, cottage cheese, and deli turkey for dinner!  What.  A.  Day.  Although it ended with a handful of popcorn and a Lefthand Milk Stout, I still feel pretty damn good about it.  AND I’m super excited to do the same thing tonight! …after I go get my local pizza lovin’ time on with my two business partners, of course. 🙂


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